Castle Slippers


"Britain, protect your heritage."

I came up with the idea of introducing "Castle Slippers" to Britain primarily because
 I would like to see the unique floors of your stately homes, castles and
manor houses protected as they are in my native country, Germany.
As we know everyone's home is a castle and deserves the protection of these wonderful slippers.
What ever the floor, wood , tiles, carpet or marble, these slippers are the answer to protect it.
In Germany you will see these over-slippers in use in a lot of public places such as a schloss or palace and they really  work!
The visitors on entering  your house simply slip into the "Castle Slippers" with their shoes & boots still on and off they go through the rooms protecting your special flooring. At the end of the room they remove them and walk on in their normal shoes.
No more cordoning off areas or putting down protective carpets and runners for visitors to walk on.
Your precious floor stays clean, shiny and scratch free while saving you a lot of money.
On top of that they are environmentally friendly,  made of 100% wool and nothing else.

The Castle Slippers are also ideal for workmen while working in your home, protecting your clean floor from outside dirt while allowing the workmen to walk through the house getting on with the job without wasting time changing shoes, saving on expensive dust sheets that only spread dust!
They can also be used for one's own personal use in the home when coming into your house with your gardening boots on for a quick cuppa, simply slip them over your wellies and walk.

Our other range of 100% wool felted slippers are the classic slippers for your home to keep your feet warm.